Why Advertise with KMVU?


Whether you are having a sale, promoting an event or just want to make sure consumers remember your business when they need it, we are here to help!

On-air and online, our goal is to ensure a successful and enjoyable advertising experience for our clients.


KMVU boasts a hardworking, dedicated sales team, whose background in media advertising and knowledge of Southern Oregon make them an invaluable asset when building your next marketing campaign.


Television is advertising’s most powerful medium.  Combining the popularity of highly-rated network sports, news and entertainment programming with the trust and community engagement of locally produced news programs, KMVU offers advertisers the perfect platform to get their message out.  KMVU is also your home for NFC Football, including Pre-season San Francisco 49ers games, NASCAR, Major League Baseball, NCAA/PAC 12 Football and your daily favorites The Middle, Big Bang Theory and Modern Family!


We’ve all heard the national news and entertainment shows talk about the mind blowing price that an advertiser paid for a :30 ad in programs such as the Superbowl. No doubt, that is the first thing that comes to mind when you consider TV advertising for your business.  Keep in mind that the 3.5 million dollar commercial that you just heard about is not the going rate for TV advertising.  If you’ve held off advertising your business on TV because you think it’s too expensive, put your fears aside and give us a cal today!

My 48 provides network programming five nights a week, Monday through Friday, with your favorite shows back-to-back. We are also Southern Oregon’s flagship television station for the San Francisco Giants, Seattle Seahawks, NCAA Football /Basketball and Ultimate Fighting Championships continuing the tradition of being “Southern Oregon’s Sports Leader”.

My 48 emphasizes localism and pledges to support the communities of Jackson, Josephine and Klamath Counties in Southern Oregon and Siskiyou County in Northern California. Be sure and check out our page for any promotional information and contests!


Step back in time, with MeTv.  As it’s slogan, “Memorable Entertainment Television” suggests, MeTv is dedicated to offering a wide variety of classic television sitcoms, dramas and classic commercials from the 1950’s through the 1980’s.  If you want your business to be showcased on the network that takes it’s viewers back to simpler times, then MeTV is definitely the right choice for you.



There are many benefits to including online advertising in your marketing campaign.  In most cases, you can make an online marketing campaign live within hours of placing a buy.  The cost for production, as well as the cost for purchase is significantly lower than other mediums, giving businesses with even the smallest advertising budgets a chance to have their message heard and expand their customer base. You can view our rate sheet for standard online ad sizes and rates.  Custom sizes are also available, as well as pre and post roll video options.

Telemundo Medford is the Rogue Valley’s only source for Spanish-language television programming.




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